The Akita has quick turned into a well-known breed in the United Kingdom and other countries over recent times. The origin of this breed is related to Japan where these kind of dogs are known in the beautiful look, intelligence and the loyalty for people.


The name of Akita breed is created from the name of Japanese city called Akita prefecture which is located at the north area of Japan country. There is another kind of Akita breed called American Akita existed in the United States and Canada with little differences in shapes and appearance.

In general, the Akita has a big head with small eyes similar to triangle shape, the appearanceAkita specifications can be different according to the type of the Akita and the sex, for instance the height of Japanese male Akita is between (64 – 70) cm and the weight is between (32 – 39) kg but the height of the Japanese female Akita is between (58 – 64) cm and their weight is between (45 – 66) kg.




Akita breeds can consider friendly for the family specially children but you should take care of how you train it at your home and how he behaves with strangers.




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