How to wash my dog ?

How to wash my dog ?

The number of baths your dog required depends on many factors, including breed, size, hair and activities. Dogs that are often outdoors must take a bath more regularly than dogs Avoid getting too often a bath to your dog.


  1. Dress your dog in the bath.
  2. Choose the right shampoo.
  3. Do not touch the anal glands of your dog unless you know how to empty them properly.
  4. Cut your dog’s claws.
  5. Have everything you need on hand.
  6. Put cotton wool in your dog’s ears.
  7. Remove your dog’s collar.
  8. Give your dog a bath
  9. Wet your dog’s body with water
  10. Put on shampoo.
  11. Wash Your Dog’s Body
  12. Wash your dog’s mouth
  13. Dry your dog
  14. Brush your dog’s fur.
  15. Clean Tears
  16. Give your dog a treatdog-990305_1920

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