Important information about your dog

Some important information about your dog normally you didn’t know



  • The ears of the dog have 18 different muscles

The exact number depends on the breed of your dog. Your four legged companion is able to move his ears in all directions and thanks to his muscles, he is even able to move one ear independently of the other.


  • They hear four times better than Men

Dogs have a much more developed hearing than people, which allows them to hear frequencies that are imperceptible to humans. Your dog is even “able, in the calm of the night, to hear the body vibrations of the termites within your walls.

  • The ears of the dog allow him to hear but also to communicate

The dog’s ears represent a part of the body that is widely used for its non-verbal language.

  • The dog’s ear canal is shaped like an “L”

This is also a reason why dogs are as prone to infections. Their eardrum is protected, but dirt and bacteria accumulate in the ear canal, which is why it is important to properly maintain your dog’s ears.

  • Puppies are born deaf

The channels of their ears are closed the first two weeks of life.



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