Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier
22 Feb, 2017

Australian Terrier

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Australian Terrier



This breed comes from hard-bristled terriers imported from Britain by British settlers. Among his ancestors are, for example, the dandie dinmont terrier, the silky terrier, the cairn terrier, the Skye terrier, the Yorkshire terrier and the Irish terrier.
The breed was begun to be developed and selected around 1820 in Australia. Named “rough coated terrier” from its beginnings, it was only in 1892 that it adopted the official name of Australian terrier. His first participation in a dog show dates back to 1906.


The Australian terrier likes to play and it must always show good mood. It is a dog that attaches greatly to its masters. He is very awake and curious but also a bit stressed; All noise makes him jump. He likes to play with the children but he has only one of moderate tolerance to the deviations of strength of the toddlers: watch him so that it is not too heckled!


Height: Approximately 25 cm

Weight: Approximately 6.5 kg

life cycle: He lives between 13 to 15 years on average.

Hair: Its hair is rough, straight and dense. Its undercoat is soft and short.

Color: This dog’s dress can be steel blue, dark gray, sand or red fire.

Living in apartment: It is possible, but not ideal.

Dog type: Hunting dog, pet dog


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