Do you know that!!!

28 Feb, 2017

Do you know that!!!

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Do you know that:

(Dogs do not like cats): is false sentence

Sometimes the sentence “a dog and cat” means two people who have conflicting relationships. However, it is far from being a general truth.

The kittens and puppies who are accustomed young to cohabit with another species possess what is called a good socialization. This means that they are not afraid of each other and can live together in peace. Dogs and cats that have grown in contact with each other can endure more easily and live without stress all their lives, but others too!


Depending on the character of the dog, an adult dog that has never known a cat before can also be curious, fearless, and indifferent, without the slightest ounce of aggressiveness. There are no rules. To get the most out of it, it is recommended to do a test of meeting with a cat (friends or family) or if possible the cat you want to introduce into the home. This is why if you intend to adopt a dog in an association.


How to measure the temperature of your dog?

The normal temperature of the dog is between 38 ° C and 39 ° C, the average being 38.5 ° C. The temperature of the dog varies during the day, depending on the time, the activity of the dog and its environment.
After a sustained physical effort, the temperature of the dog increases, especially during long walks. The dog will pant to lower its body temperature.
The best way to take a dog’s temperature is by using a rectal electronic thermometer. Mercury thermometers can break and injure the dog due to their glass constitution in case of sudden movement. Atrial thermometers are less accurate due to the presence of hairs at these areas of the body. Finally, prefer flexible electronic thermometers, more comfortable for dogs if they move during their introduction.



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