Why your dog losses its hair and what is the treatments

Why your dog losses its hair and what is the treatments?

The coat of dogs adapts to the seasons, so they have what is called a winter hair and a summer hair. To allow for this change, a moult is usually observed in spring and fall. However, some breeds are not concerned as the Poodle that has hair growing throughout the year (hence the need for regular grooming!).
To properly maintain the Medor fur, good brushing every 2 days is recommended. If you cannot keep up the pace, be sure to follow this ritual once a week over the weekend, for example, using a comb and a brush to remove as much dead hair as possible. In addition to giving shine to the coat, this will prevent you from finding tufts of hair on your carpets and under your furniture, and you will allow your companion to swallow much less!


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