The dog leash

12 Mar, 2017

The dog leash

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The dog leash


The leash is one of the indispensable accessories for any dog owner. It is to be carefully chosen and the

animal must learn to walk with it from a young age.


Both practical and compulsory in different types of situations, the leash is one of the basic accessories to have when you have a dog, just like the collar, the tin or the bed. Its use is required by law in public places. It is a concrete and physical link between the master and the animal during the walks and constitutes, moreover, a guarantee of safety for the dog as for the other individuals whom it is called to cross

What is the use of the leash?


Why deprive his dog of his freedom to move as he pleases? A priori, it amounts to imposing a real constraint on his animal, but it is justified by various considerations, first and foremost those relating to safety.

Law No. 83.629 of 12 July 1983 stipulates in particular that dogs must be kept on a leash in public places and those open to the public. The use of the leash is therefore a legal obligation.

This law was not created by chance; It aims to prevent incidents that can occur when dogs are out of control.


Munther Adams

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