5 Foods that can kill your dog!!!

21 Mar, 2017

5 Foods that can kill your dog!!!

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5 Foods that can kill your dog!!!


To give pleasure to his dog by wanting to share with him his favorite dishes is quite commendable. However, this gesture of kindness can quickly turn into disaster and have fatal consequences for your dog if you do not know the foods that can poison it, see the kill. Indeed, many of the foods we often eat daily can kill our dogs, even in small quantities for some. In order to avoid the irreparable, here is our list of 12 very toxic and potentially fatal foods for your dog, never to give it, even in small quantities:

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate contains the bromine, a component that we humans can quite digest, but this is not the case with our dogs friends. Indeed, the organism of the dog has many difficulties to eliminate Theo bromine and to certain dose, it can be fatal to him. The doses depend on the nature of the chocolate ingested. Thus dark chocolate and chocolate to cook are the most dangerous and to a lesser extent, follow milk chocolate and white chocolate.

  1. Raisins and grapes

Few masters know this but the grapes in all its forms, dry or fresh, is very toxic to the dog. Although the mechanism of toxicity of grapes to our dogs is unclear, the consequences of ingestion can be severe. Raisin is the most toxic, poisoning from 4 grams per kilogram of body weight, and 20 grams per kilo of body weight for fresh grapes.


  1. Bones

Even though some raw bones do present no problem for dogs, some are to be avoided such as poultry bones or rabbit. The cooked bones are very dangerous for the dogs because of their brittle nature and the splits that it presents. Prefer the bones sold to your veterinarian.

  1. The onions

The onion is toxic to the blood of our dogs. Whether consumed raw or cooked, the onion contains sulfur compounds that destroy the red blood cells and stop the transport of oxygen in the dog’s blood. Poisoning can occur after ingestion of a large amount or by repeated absorption of small amounts. Garlic and leek, which are part of the same family, can cause similar poisoning.

  1. Salt

Ingested in large quantities, the salt causes significant dehydration with potentially fatal consequences. It causes an ionic imbalance and creates a water call in the digestive tract that causes diarrhea. As a result of this need for water, the dog urinates a lot and dehydrates. The toxic dose is 4 grams per kilogram of body weight. Food salt is not the only toxic, salts of dishwashers, snow removal and seawater are also toxic.


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