Why my dog trembles?

21 Mar, 2017

Why my dog trembles?

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Why my dog trembles?


A trembling dog arouses great anxiety. Some tremors in dogs are quite normal such as those observed when the dog sleeps and dreams or even in reaction to the cold. The dog can also tremble following a strong emotion like fear or even when excited. On the other hand, other tremors can be one of the symptoms of certain pathologies that can be serious. Note that it is necessary to differentiate the tremors that appear when the dog is aware of convulsions that occur especially during epileptic seizures when the dog is not conscious. On the other hand, certain races like Chihuahua are more prone to tremors without necessarily having to worry. Let us see what are the physiological, pathological and idiopathic tremors (unknown causes):

Tremor of physiological origin

1- Cold

As with humans, severe cold can cause tremors in the dog called chills, an instinctive reflex that consists of very rapid muscle contractions in order to provide warmth to the body so that it regains its normal temperature. It is important to know the cold tolerance of his dog and thus preserve it from a state of hypothermia. Some breeds of dog are more sensitive to cold than others like dogs without undercoat (Doberman for example) or generally small dogs, but also older dogs

2- Fear, stress, anxiety

These are intense, disagreeable emotions that, when they reach their climax, cause tremors in the dog. As we tremble for fear in the face of the greater of our phobias or a danger, the dog trembling with fear will have to be calmed, reassured to some extent but above all not blamed. Then a progressive work will have to be put in place to try to contain and to make disappear this fear, likewise for the anxiety and the stress.

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