The reason of tilted heads for Dogs

A lot of nice things done by dogs , therefore there is some amazing actions more than the head tilting , so I made distraction and noise around my dog to examine if he will make that wondered movement. Those who have dogs inform us that their dogs do such movement to explain how fascinated they are in some situations which is not usual and normal for them. So this make us ask ourselves what is the reason for this movement ? the researchers said that this shows the capacity of the dogs to sympathy with others.

These dogs have developed the skill of understanding their owners , it can understand their movement their ways of speech , and a lot of other things related to human in order to sympathy with them . and even it is not far that when these dogs tilted their heads they are trying to acquire some vocabulary from our language to connect it with its usual activity like walking and playing .

Human are not likely to hear frequencies as dogs do , but at least they can recognize the sound’s source which dogs can’t do , so probably when we see the tilted head this show that the dog is trying to know that source and know for whom that sound belongs . also it suggest that this tilt is a response for what these dogs see not only what it heard .

Stanley Coren of Psychology Today ,¬†said that the dog’s mask can pretend dogs from knowing the sound’s source . so it is good of the pups to understand our actions , expressions and words.

It is amazing thing in this universe that how can things work , so I’ll keep making noise around my dog to see its tilted head and what else it can came with , whatever others thought if am wired or not I’ll keep doing that as well my dog making that movement , how knows maybe my pup will understand my trick one day and understand me as well .


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