5 Nice places for dogs to go in spring holiday.

5 Nice places for dogs to go in spring holiday.

Finally spring came , and if luck was yours ,you would be arranging to go in a satisfied spring trip somewhere to spend these lovely days , while doing that don’t forget your furry dog that snuggled to keep you warm in the coldest winter’s days . here are 5 places where you and your pet can spend your spring break.

1- The Bums Beach ; Key West, Florida :


if you were looking for empty beach in where you and your dog can enjoy ? then key west is the desired place to suck some rays and play different games at Higgs Dog Beach. after enjoying playing you can have a refreshing drink at Louie’s Backyard , which can contain you and your wet pet.

2- Lake Placid, New York is a good place for hiking ;


people with their adventurous dogs can fulfill their trip’s dreams when going up high in the Adirondacks, Lake Placid . over the year this destination is great but it has magical beauty and effect when doing it in spring , go ahead with your dog for this place and walk through the Mirror Lake or to the doggie beach. and see how great you, your dog and even his flea and tick will feel.

3- Los Angeles, CA is a good place for glamourous kind ;


if your dog likes sunshine open nature , beaches , bars that accept pets , and hotels ? then you should go to Los Angeles in which dogs are kindly treated you both can do a lot of things over there varies from going to beach or walking through malibu , or having a drink at Oinkster , which is one of the friendly pets bars , you will be very famous as celebrities and tourists while drinking your delicious cocktails with the companion of your dog and you will enjoy that .

4- Alexandria, VA is the destination for the history buff :


Another place you and your dog can go is in the road that George Washington himself walked in , so dogs in leash are welcomed to go in

a tour around this place with their owners in order to be melded with the historical past for the region .

5- For nature admirer Seattle, WA is the best place to go ;


ring yourself and your dog with the most amazing natural scenes in the Pacific Northwest while walking through Seattle streets , where you can visit the Pike Place Fish Market where dogs are welcome. moreover the dogs can go hiking in the Iron Goat Trail , also we can’t forget the adventures dogs who like water they can go outside of Seattle in Leavenworth is the Alpine Rivers Inn, which offers tubing for the whole family including your dog .

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