5 Mentally Tonic Games for your dog while walking

5 Mentally Tonic Games for your dog while walking:


There are some more thrilling things for dogs to hear rather than the word walk . walking is a good chance for dogs to discover the outdoors and spend extra time with people they love , but also it can be good way as well to do some new things to keep your dog’s mind active , by doing some physical and mental activities , and here are some mental games to keep your dog thinking while walking :

1- Hunt the treasure :


it is an easy game needs some treats , while walking you can throw some treats on the ground while the dog is distracted then ask your dog to look for it , then your pup can smell and take it as a reward . this game has many goals: it makes your dog’s attention and focus on you, so you can easily lead him away from distractions when needed , and the dog will be on his toes waiting to hunt the next treasure.

2- Obstacle Course :


you can make walking more fun by creating some challenges and obstacles courses. for example while walking take a coiling up and down stairs, weave through some trees ,climb on a park bench , or something like that. this make it amazing physical exercise. don’t forget to vary between these works out ,which attract your dog’s attention to you waiting for the instructions and also will keep your pup’s mind busy in thinking about the next challenge. all this will keep your dog’s focus on you in the face of distractions .

3 – Red light and Green light :


you might have played this game when you was a kid , because it is similar to red – green light , but here you can use your own orders. all what you can do is to give the command ‘stop’ for your dog to stay , after that you can use the command go to’ keep moving’ at different times while walking , if your dog did successfully these 2 orders then you can reward him ,this game will keep your dog’s mind activated .you can have the command stop before crossing the street , moreover you can practice other orders to control your dog in case there was other dogs ,or strangers while walking.

4- Follow the leader :


this is fun game to make your dog know that you are responsible of the walk and that you let him think about the directions you want to go to ,this game is best be played in parks and fields in which you can change directions easily, you can play it by making your dog heading in front of you but you are the controller of the direction , while walking change your destination slightly , so he should keep focusing on where are you going , which make his focus and attention on you .

5- Faster , Slower , Stop :


It is a modern version of the Red-Green light , while you add variety in the game’s speed , where your dog learn the command of picking up the pace or slowing down . to play it you can tell your dog faster faster while you are going fast but don’t overdo it , then decrease your walk and give the slow command for him , then you can use the stop command. vary between these speeds while walking and this will makes your dog’s attention to you to know what is the coming order ,and as he obey these commands don’t forget to give him rewards as he done this job well .

What are your best activities to keep your dog’s mind active while walking ?

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