How to spur your dog mentally at the meal time?

14 Jun, 2017

How to spur your dog mentally at the meal time?

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How to spur your dog mentally at the meal time?


If your dog needs its food in accurate time every day as my dog do and you give it to them, then this doesn’t provide these dogs with any mental effort , therefore a bored dog can be devastating or sluggish. so it is important to keep the dog’s mind sharp by making some exercises to train it. luckily , there are a lot of exercises to activate your dog’s mind and make them spend funny time as well, here are some mentally activities to do with your pup at the meal time.

1- ‘Find it ” game :

wolves chase their food , and as some dogs may fall under same species so surely they can share some drives to track their food , so playing find it may allow your dogs to use those senses and provide challenges for it , start by hiding food in front of your dog eyes and let him find it , then make it more challenging by hiding it while the dog is in another place then let your dog find it depending in its instincts and wits.


2- Learn orders and tricks to gain food :

your food can be used as a prize and as teaching method as well to learn and practice commands, this thing make your dog work to have its food and also it enhance the bond between you and your dog by catching your dog’s focus on your words, and your dog will see you as supplier at meal time and will may practice these orders ,but make sure to vary between these tricks and , and try to add new ones from time to another to make your pup standing on its toes.


3-Practice “Stay” :

one more important thing to learn is “stay ” which is an order needs a lot of precision. stay can stop your dog from running ,can prevent them from jumping up on people , and also it can prevent them from confrontation with non-friendly dogs. so practice this activity at the meal time by making your dog stay and not to eat unless you allow him to eat , and make sure to vary in the staying periods . lastly try to go away , and you will find your dog staying and waiting for your command to start eating and he will stay discipline .

4- Have some puzzles for food :


food puzzles or reinforcing toys can make your dog busy in looking for its food , also they can provide healthy weight and benefit for your dog by making it eat

slowly . at the market you can find a lot of these toys , which can be simple to use as Kong , or difficult like puzzles which needs your dog to perform specific task before giving it food , look for one that your dog can enjoy and buy it .

5- ” Shell game ‘ :

this game is the same for human and dogs , it started by putting piece of food under a limpid cup or bowl then switch this cup with other 2 similar cups and make sure that your dog is watching , then make your dog to indicate where is the food before allowing him to eat , repeat this game till your dog understand it . and after that replace that limpid cup with regular cup and this time make your dog use its senses to figure out where the food is ? this is an easy mental exercise to keep your dog thinking.

which of these mentally stimulating exercise you prefer to use for your dog at the meal time ? inform us in the below comments

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