4 Eating troubles affect dogs :

15 Jun, 2017

4 Eating troubles affect dogs :

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4 Eating troubles affect dogs : 


Disorders while eating are well known for both human and animals .the something that not all people know that dogs have these disorders too. the dogs have these unusual eating habits because of many different reasons ,which may trouble their owners .so here are 5 eating troubles, which affect dogs:

1- Over eating :


Dogs that eat a lot of food face a lot of problems started of being fat and having the other complications that associated being overweight like stress heart disease, liver disease, and kidney problems and many other problems . these troubles basically occurred because of the dog’s feeding ways ,it should be known that dogs are opportunistic eaters which means that whenever their owners provide food for them they will eat what they can even if they are full or not , which is a canine behavior . and this happened because people assumed that dogs are begging so they make food readily available for dogs whenever they want it . so as an owner it is your responsibility to regulate how much food your dog can eat . Hormonal diseases like hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease ,a slowing metabolism as a dog ages can cause weight gain , and also certain breeds are more susceptible to gain weight, so dogs owners are not the only reason for causing this problem . in this case diet must be adjusted to prevent the dog from gaining extra weight , because eating the same amount before having the disease and eating the same amount like the other dogs from different breeds can be counted as overeating .

2- Under-Eating Or Anorexia :


It is normal if dog skip meal , but if he entirely stop eating here is the problem . under-eating is a big problem ,because when these dogs stop completely eating

This cause a serious health troubles for them like pain, fevers, jaundice, shortness of breath, weak lungs and heartbeat, abdomen distension, and changes in organ size. so you have to consult a vet if your dog stop eating because it can be caused by aging, cardiac problems, medications, ingestion of toxic substances, or abnormal growths . or it can be a symptom for other diseases that affect the autoimmune, respiratory, gastrointestinal, bone, endocrine, or neurological systems for your dog , therefore he lose his appetite .

The cause of this problem not necessarily to be physical but also it can be psychological , it is normal for your dog to lose appetite for period of time when he experiences some new changes around him . more over anxiety ,Stress, depression, or a lack of physical activity can all lead to anorexia in dogs , so as the reasons of under- eating varies you should consult the vet and to run tests to know what to do when your dog stops eating.it will be more likely to make some dietary changes when needed.

3- Feces Eating Or Coprophagia :


Coprophagia (eating feces ) is a very dangerous, unbreakable, and common habit for dogs which may cause health problem for them because giardia, worms, and a host of bacteria and other parasites can be exist in the dogs and other animals’ feces , so as the cause of this problem is difficult to be pinpoint then the owners should directly clean after their dogs and keep them away from the waste of other animals as well .

A dog may eat feces as a way to discover the chemical makeup with the vomeronasal organ together information so he can know who left this feces , it may eat the feces to keep things clean , and also the mother in the wild may eat it to avoid the attracting of other animals to protects her puppies .moreover the dog may eat the feces to avoid punishment so if you as an owner punish your dog for pooping in the house he may eat it to avoid that punishment . dogs may eat poops to discover what they have already eaten was food or something else, poor nutrition may eat their feces to help absorb nutrients they didn’t get the first time around. dogs can be attracted to cats feces because it full of protein , or it all can be health problem due to Parasites or pancreatic troubles, most dogs grow up with this problem so they must be retrained . as there are many reasons for this problem you should consult the vet if the dog face this problem to overcome it .

4- Scoffing :

Eating too fast without much chewing can cause choking or gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting, stomach spasms, or bloating. also this can lead to

behavioral problems ,so the dog will act aggressively when they feel that their food may will be taken away ,or other dogs may share in eating with him.

This behavior can be carried from the nursery when the dog competes with other mates for food so it can be transported with it to adulthood. So this behavior develops a bit when the dog have another partner at home. Although this problem can occur with dog that he is the only one at home due to some digestive problems and some medical conditions such as parasites ,therefore , the dog will keep feeling hungry so he will scoffing to make the body able to absorb nutrients .

If your dog newly experience the scoffing then it is important to take a visit to the vet to make the needed procedures . if there is no health problem then make sure to put the dog in comfort zone while eating in which he feel no threats on his food , or you can use a feeder bowl to slow him down when eating ,which contains knobs in the bottom that make a dog works to get the food, forcing him to eat slowly , or u can try hand feeding by feeding him a few amounts of food better than a full bowl .

Does your dog have any unusual eating habits? How have you helped to treat them? Let us know in the comments below!

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