5 Methods to mentally catalyze your dog in a rainy day :

5 Methods to mentally catalyze your dog in a rainy day :

It is normal to get bored when staying at home at a rainy day and the same will feel your puppy. it is not the same when walking and having fun with other dogs outside in a sunny day, thus staying indoors will be a bit dull . so don’t worry there are many ways and games to keep your dog’s mind active and sharp . here are great indoors games to play in a rainy day which keep your dog mentally spur .


1- Hide and seek :


It is a funny game permit your dog to use his sniffer and his chasing and hunting instincts , start it by hiding some food while your dog is watching you then make him find it , when the dog become familiar with this game hide the food in another room .also you can use a toy instead of food or you can hide and make your dog find you , this will keep your dog’s mind active and you can reward him after that .

2- Tug of war :

it is an easy game to play inside the home and amazing teaching tool as well because it is an opportunity to keep the energy of your dog while playing , moreover it helps your dog to learn what is a toy and what is not . make sure that you are the one who start the game and control it . and you can stop playing for a while when your dog take the game without permission . at the end your dog will understand the game and its rules.

3- Practice old tricks and learn new ones :

Learning some new tricks will be great in the rainy days . your dog will obey you when he learn new tricks and this will strengthen the bonds between both of you .and this will make your dog’s mind active . start with the known clear commands like sit , stop and stay . then move to harder commands like jump and roll. make sure to mix between the old and new tricks and keep learning new ones which make your dog sharp. all dogs new or old should learn these tricks .

4- obstacle course :


It is an exciting game for you and for your puppy. start this game by making your dog jump over or under piece of furniture and remember to reward him when he make such jumps . then you can vary and use other pieces and objects to make him do the same steps. even you can create your own obstacle and forts to teach your dog to overcome it all the time . at the end your dog will get a great mental and physical workout indoors .

5- fetch not just a ball :

This game is amusing for dogs ,but you can make it more challenging by letting the dog bringing other things like his leash , slippers or newspaper not only to fetch the usual things like his ball or toy . in this way his mind will be sharp, moreover you can teach your dog’s extra words by making him fetch things by using names which indicate your creativity of teaching your dogs and make him mentally sharp .

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