The 5 Dogs who can make sports better than human.

The 5 Dogs who can make sports better than human.

Human enjoy watching sports rather than playing it , but there are some dogs who get excited to be involved in the sports . here are few dogs who refuse to wait in the sidelines to be better in sports more than human .

1-The skateboarding dog ” Jumpy “.


He is a clever athlete dog , he appear as he is spending the time on the skateboard right to the home , jumpy can lead , ride up and down the slopes and can jump too . moreover , he don’t give up riding his skateboard . the last time i used skateboard I fell down so I can count jumpy better than me in such sport ,because even if he fell he will hurry and ride the skate again .

2- The volleyball dog ‘ Petty ‘ :


Petty can keep the ball with him for a long time more than what the human can do. he lightly hit the ball with his nose ,passing it like an expert , he smartly can play and bobs the ball with a good level of accuracy while keeping his owner in his sight . for me i don’t know a lot about Olympics, but what I do know that there are nothing in rule books which say dogs can’t play . and for petty he have a good chance in this game .

3- The Goalkeeper Dog ‘ Purin ‘


This great goalkeeper looks smartly cute in his soccer uniform , he can catches some soccer balls with his paws ,and even he can block it left and right from his goal land without gloves ! purin also helps in picking up the balls after the matches to put it in its usual place. he is the more catchy soccer players ever .

4- The pool shark dog ‘ Halo ‘ :


Halo can’t avoid seeing a pool cue , so he got some good aims . he can bump the cue ball by his paws to score some pretty shots . I don’t advise you to bet halo because we can say that he is on par with a lot of human abilities in understanding geometry and physics . don’t bet against him or you may get hustle and bustle.

5- The Dunking Dog ‘ Murphy ‘:


Putting away the toys teaches Murphy how to play basketball. eventually ,with positive encouragement she involved in slam dunk as Michel Jordan’s style . while going to the home Murphy got the chance to have some hops as she takes the ball to the hoops right there . even she got her own post-dunk celebrations , by jumping on her owners and going up for the high five. she wins all the ‘aww ‘ points in the slam dunk race .

Does your pup play sports better than you? Let us know what your dog’s game of choice is in the comments!

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