7 Amazing things you can do with your Dog in Autumn

19 Jun, 2017

7 Amazing things you can do with your Dog in Autumn

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7 Amazing things you can do with your Dog in Autumn;

There are a lot of activities you can do with your dog in this fall season which can’t be offered in any other season. here are best of 7 things you can do with your puppy .

1- Visit an Apple Grove :


You both can go and enjoy the cool, crisp and fresh falling air. in the time of ripening and picking the apples ,although there are many orchards that allow dogs to go in but you should check the grove’s rules to make sure. In addition to that your dog can enjoy slice of apple which clean his teeth and freshen his breath , but make sure to remove the toxic seeds which may cause hazard choking.

2- Trick or Treat :


Halloween is a good chance to celebrate trick or treat . you can dress your dog his comfortable uniform and make him go with kids from door to another for some trick or treats. make sure that you have extra trick – treats to give it for the trick- treater dogs ,who come to your door as well .

3- Share in pumpkin picking :


There are many pumpkin groves which allow you to visit it with your dog , but again don’t forget to check the grove’s rules to avoid possible misunderstandings. your dog may choose the best pumpkin for the awesome dog-themed jack-o-lantern by sniffing it out .

4- Eat some pumpkin :

Pumpkin flavor is spread in such time of the season . so after choosing your pumpkin you can make your dog try some pumpkin slices and pies , even you can add the pumpkin puree to his diet which is full of fiber and great useful way for better digestion , just make sure you don’t overdo it . a few spoonful of that are enough to give him the pumpkin flavor , and make his tummy thanks you .

5- Tail Gating party :


Football season is starting in this time of the year , and your dog will be one member of the tail gating party. your dog will love the chance of being out and enjoy with you and your friends and do different amusing activities. make sure to bring your dog’s favorite ball , who knows , because he can discover his athletic skills there .

6- Go in nature hike :

It’s a beautiful time of the year to go outside , while the leaves’ colors are changing, your pup has a limited colors range , so go hiking in nature in such time will give him the chance to experience new colors and smells as well . don’t hesitate put some fall clothes and go ahead for a hike .if there were lack in natural places in your big city you can overcome this problem by sharing in Best Friends Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt , which is a festival with dogs walk to raise money for shelters and rescue organizations in your area .

7- Go in Vacation :


Few people go in vacation in this time of year , because schools start up again and people started to prepare for the big holiday. which give you more advantages for go in vacation as the prices of travelling and accommodation are low . take a vacation with your puppy and get out of the hustle – bustle daily life for a while .

What other dog-friendly activities do you do in the fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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