7 Ways to Strengthen the Relation between Your Kids and Dog in this Summer .

7 Ways to Strengthen the Relation between Your Kids and Dog in this Summer .


Summer is great season to bond the relation between the kid and the pups as it has nice weather then there are plenty of activities to do , which make deep relation between them . dogs may teach your kids compassion, empathy, and responsibility, too .here are few activities which may strengthen these bonds .

1- Teaching a new Trick


There are many tricks that your kids can teach it for your dog , which is a funny game ,and a huge self-esteem booster for children. both kids and dogs can build strong relationship based on confidence , trust and companionship while using these tricks , which can be used indoors or outdoors.

2- Family Road Trip


This would be great way to build strong good relation between your kid and dog , so make sure to plan good vacation include your pup , there are many parks allow dogs in which they can enjoy hiking or going to campground . therefore , all can experience and learn new things together and have good memories about that.

3- A Nature Hike


In summer u can go hiking and enjoy nature and beautiful scenes . so hiking is a good way to strengthen the relation between your dog and kids , and to give your kids the ability to control the leash to lead the dog .moreover it will be more fun if your kids have a camera to snap photos for him with the puppy and other wildlife that you all will pass by while walking . this will make your kid love the nature and the pup as well .

4- Swimming And Sprinklers:


In hot summer days there is nothing better than running through sprinklers or jumping in a pool . if your dog loves water then you can take him a head for a pool or close local swimming area with your kids .if you don’t have close swimming area then u can make your own pool at the backyard and make your kids splash around with the pup . this great activity is a good way to build friendship between them .

5- Summer Camp


In this season there are many camps which offer classes to teach kids how to teach tricks for their dogs , how to understand each other and also how to do some agility exercises. don’t hesitate if your dog well-behaved then register him with your kid in such camps to make good bonding between them.

6- Blow Bubbles:

Many kids in different ages love to do this easy simple activity , so kids can blow bubbles and dogs can chase and pop it. have fun in watching your kid laughing for that and your dog has a blast . it’s great way to build memories together.

7- Practice Fetch


In this nice weather you can play different fun activities outdoors . this fetch game can be a good way for your kid and dog to burn off some excess energy while playing , so when they are done they can come inside home with off power and they will be less destructive because of tiredness . you will have some peace and relax while they are resting .

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