8 Cheap and Fun dates

8 Cheap and Fun dates

If you have decided to spend fun time with someone else , this doesn’t mean that you can leave your puppy at home. unless the new human partner doesn’t like dogs . therefore you all can do and enjoy plenty of activities together, but if it happened and your companion doesn’t like dogs then you can enjoy these activities with your dog alone in other date. here are some great dates to spend with your puppy and your new friend.

1- Have a Picnic


You can get a picnic basket and go ahead to a park , where you both can get much time to talk and know each other in sunshine and nice natural scenes. and your dog will appreciate this thing and will enjoy wandering and jumping around in the fresh air. don’t forget to take some toys and treats for your puppy to keep him busy while chatting and having the meal.

2- Outdoor Movie Night .


many parks managed to broadcast free movies in the fresh air by using big screens and projectors, which dogs can attend . so check the schedule of your local park if they decided to hold such event .and this is a good way to meet new people and other dogs’ owners. and who knows maybe later then you can invite other friend to share you in this nice activity .

3- Go for Walking on the Dog Beach

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the phrase ” long walking on the beach” one of the ideas and activities that can be managed to be done in dating . it is a romantic thing to go side by side holding your hands and enjoying the soft sand and the surfing waves with your new partner . this will be more joyful if your puppy was sharing you running around and playing in water and jumping on the shore with other dogs walking around . make sure to take toy or ball and have fun time.

4- Go to the Pet Supply Store


you will reach the point to save some supplies for your puppy. as your dog may be will be allowed to enter such places , then why not to make date by taking your new partner ahead with your dog over there . in which you can chat and talk about dogs and how can you act with them and what your dog means to you ,in this way you will be able to know what your new partner truly thinks about dogs.

5- Go for a Pet Charity Walk .

Strut Your Mutt charity dog walk , which run by Best Friends Animal Society in cities all over the United States. can be a good event to attend with your dog . you can share this activity with your new partner and puppy , where you will meet some pets and dogs lovers who make this event for the good seek . your dog will be happy to walk there and meet new dogs.
6- Visit a Dog Friendly Bars or Restaurants :
the best place to go for such purpose is Al Fresco dining , which offer an outdoors seating chance . other restaurants can be more generous and offer an indoors seating chance for your dog . check which local restaurant may offer similar thing , and talk to a manager or one who work there to make sure that they allowed dogs instead of talking your dogs to place he are not welcomed in .

7- Farmer Markets :


it is a great place which support the local products ,and it is great fun to have a walk and talk to new people . you and your new partner can walk around and have some fruits and veggies to buy , while your dog is walking around happily and drinking fresh water that some vendors have left for dogs . make sure to have your own cold water bottle in case you intend to spend a long time outdoors.

8- Go Hiking

if you live near a hike trail then take this opportunity to go outdoors and enjoy the nature , and your dog will be happy to sniff the fresh smells around while walking , and your partner will enjoy the different beautiful scenes while hiking as well , which vary from season to another. make sure to take water in order to use it when needed .
What cheap dates would you recommend for a doggy date? Let us know in the comments below!

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