10 Best Gifts for spoiled dogs.

10 Best Gifts for spoiled dogs.

you have already brought all the newest gadgets from the dogs gifts’ shop . you can offer new cheap ,or free gifts for your fur pup who already has whatever he wants , so no need to keep breaking the bank . here are extra 10 gifts you can present for your spoiled dog.

1- GO to in a Car Picnic :

It is great to stick your nose to the car’s open window while it going up and down in the roads , as following some basic safety rules this will be great and joyful ride gift for your spoiled fur pup , it doesn’t matter if this ride road wasn’t planned as you spend good time with your pup .

2- Doggy Date :



You can go to many dates with your dog joining you like picnic , night movies , outdoors , other things . and even you can visit dog friendly bars or restaurants ,therefore you can enjoy romantic nice times .. The more, the merrier.

3- Joyful Training Session :


Fun training session is great way to keep your dog mentally and physically spurred by providing him with exercises to burn excess energy , and agility work , run and jump can make him spend great time too .

4- Meet With other Dogs :

Normally dog likes to hang out with their owners, but sometimes having a play date with another dog is all what he needs. so you can have a good time by taking your dog to play outdoors with other dogs ,where you can have great times with friends or family . as a result your dog will be able to run , chase , or play wrestle with another dog.

5- Having a Quiet Snuggled Time :

When was the last time you leave things around you and went to snuggled up with your fur pup . give attention and some snuggles to your dog , which strengthen the relation between you and your puppy, and give you chance to deeply connect and relax to reduce stress .

6- Play a Mental Catalyze Games :

There are a lot of fun activities which activate your dog’s brain like hide and seek… etc. the more you mentally stimulate your dog , the less tired anxious and destructive your puppy will be , and the more happy he will be .

7- Go for a Long Walk :

Maybe you regularly take your dog for walk , but also you have to take him for a long walk and see where he will takes you . there is no problem to discover new places together . a long walk will keep you fit and in shape ,and your dog will enjoy this exercise.

8- Go and Take Over the Bed:

Allow your dog to have nice time by crashing on human bed for a while , even if he has his own bed . by letting him take a pillow and blanket and sleep there as a treat or a reward .and you can sleep or snuggle too .

9- Take a Visit to Dog Park:

This exciting visit will be appreciated by your dog as he will have new places to play in , and new friends to meet . making your dog sociable will allow him to reduce anxiety , and to release a lot of pent-up energy .

10- A Nature Hike :

A hike is great activity to do with your dog from a while to another , because it allows him to explore new terrain and sniff new smells , and get fresh air , if you spend good time then manage to move it from a hike to a camping trip in the future.

What have you managed to do for your spoiled pup ? Let us know in the comments below!

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